38th edition of the Dutch Film Festival started today

a05e64a2498c22891fa5c98fb66486bc - 38th edition of the Dutch Film Festival started today

Lovers of Dutch film culture can, from today, a week-long to their heart’s content in Utrecht. The 38th edition of the Dutch Film Festival opens this evening with the first of the Truth is a documentary filmmaker and stage director Michiel van Erp: “No one in the City. Also to fans of the popular tv series ‘Game of Thrones’ has been thought of, a master class of the leading storyboard artist William Simpson.

The premiere of ‘No one in the City’, which is based on the eponymous book of the Dutch writer Philip Huff, will take place in the Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht. During the opening night gets actress Monique van de Ven the Golden Calf for the film culture.

The special Golden Calf is created to persons or agencies to distinguish themselves in a special way, have contributed to the Dutch film culture. On Friday, October 5, the other prizes were awarded, during the Golden Calves Gala, directly on the Dutch television. Leading contender is the historical drama ‘Banker of the Resistance’, which is a record number of twelve times is nominated.

In addition to many of the films the festival provides a program for professionals and master classes for the public, for example of director Martin Koolhoven and Frans Bromet. A notable name is that of William Simpson, known for his work for the global hit series ‘Game of Thrones’. Simpson comes for a masterclass during the Dutch film festival Professionals Program on October 1 to the festival. The Northern Irishman began as an illustrator for ‘Batman’ and ‘Hellblazer’ and made the switch to storyboards for movies such as ‘Reign of Fire’ and ‘Unknown’. For ‘Game of Thrones’, which initially was asked to get the weapons for the set design, he was soon responsible for the overall appearance of the international television series.

The event will take place on several locations in Utrecht. So is the main hall during the festival, a pop-up cinema with short films.

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