Video – Deadly gaze betrays spat between Pogba and sir alex ferguson

924a8079b95cf99f6e413628ad4d8f65 - Video - Deadly gaze betrays spat between Pogba and sir alex ferguson

Paul Pogba is furious with Jose Mourinho.

The high-profile duo came together Wednesday again on the training ground, a day after the Portuguese trainer of the French star had “deposited” as a second captain of the English team. The greeting was far from friendly, so it fell to see on the images of Sky Sports. After the revealing images on the internet were put, was the movie within an hour-less than 2 million views.

Pogba was clearly not happy with Mourinho. The leader of world champion France looked at his trainer a few times, angry and full of incomprehension. Also the sign language of the Pogba left little to the clarity to be desired. He had really had it with Mourinho.


Pogba had Tuesday night from the stands watching Manchester United the bekerduel with Derby County on penalties, lost. According to Mourinho, the French professional footballer needs a rest. The matches before that wore Pogba the aanvoerdersband because first captain Antonio Valencia is injured.

After the blamage against Derby County made Mourinho announced that Pogba under his leadership, the aanvoerdersband will no longer wear. He denied then that he has a conflict with the Frenchman. ,,The truth is that I have decided that Paul will not be the second captain. I am the manager and can do this kind of decisions. I do that also not to explain, but there is no problem with Pogba”, wanted Mourinho Tuesday night still do believe. A day later it appeared on the training ground, however, that both of them definitely has a sturdy have an argument with each other.

The British media are reporting for some time that the relationship between the trainer and his pretty is clouded. Pogba expressed last weekend criticised the defensive style of play of Manchester, and that was not the first time. He would this summer have driven on a transfer. Probably leaving Pogba in the winter break, still, as possible, will he even return to Juventus.

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