Venice wants to ban walking around with alcohol after 19 hours

f56987ec97617382c41123efb869799c - Venice wants to ban walking around with alcohol after 19 hours

Venice rules for the tourist to re-educate. The last in the row: a prohibition to walk around with alcohol after 19 hours in the evening, even sealed in a shopping bag.

All assures the police that they are not citizens on the way back from the store, visors, drunk revelers that cause some nuisance. After 8 hours in the morning, it should be no problem to walk around with alcohol. The Corriere Della Sera calls it ‘one of the strictest rules in the northeast of Italy.

Last week it was also announced that mayor Luigi Brugnaro, the zitverbod wants to expand. Tourists may now no longer blowing out on the steps of monuments and that of the portico around the famous st. Mark’s square, but the mayor would ban like to expand to the entire territory of the city. With fines of 50 to 500 euros for those who do not want to listen to.

On both measures, is in the October vote, according to news agency Ansa.


The historic centre of Venice every year is inundated by millions of tourists, and that takes its toll at 55,000 inhabitants, which is more respectful to ask for their city. Therefore, the city has in recent years, several regulations have been introduced to the nuisance of ongemanierde tourists’ limit.

For example, you can already be fined or the city, be thrown out for drunken behaviour, swimming in the canals or even your toes in the water container. People who have snacks to eat while they are in the city walking around, are also skewed viewed. Also, if you’re walking around in inappropriate clothing, such as, for example, a swimsuit, or the pigeons are feeding, you risk to have to pay.

Every summer patrols already a group, “the angels of etiquette”, through the streets to verify that all rules are followed.

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