Trump accuses China of influence mid-term elections

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The American president Donald Trump has China on Wednesday accused the mid-term elections on 6 november to seek to influence. According to Trump wants Beijing is not that the Republican party has a good result ‘because of his strict stance on trade’.

‘China has tried the upcoming mid-term elections, to influence, to the detriment of my government, ” said president Trump during a meeting of the UN Security council, which actually went on the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction and Iran.

Trump gave no proof for his ruling. China, one of the permanent members of the Security council, did not respond immediately to the comments of Trump, the meeting chaired.

“The Chinese don’t want that we win the elections, because I’m the first president ever to am China’s successful approach in the field of trade. We are on every front to win. We don’t want our upcoming election influence, ” said Trump.

‘Witch hunt’

The mid-term elections are very important for president Trump, because that will determine whether the Republican party maintains control over the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The presidency of Trump is itself overshadowed by an investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016. Trump has that interference by Russia invariably denied, and mentions the research of Mueller ‘a witch hunt’.

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