Trial against ex-bodyguard of George Clooney has been delayed

29cf00cee305a642e74ea62ca2df5d2f - Trial against ex-bodyguard of George Clooney has been delayed

The court of appeal in Brussels yesterday, at the request of the defense, decides the trial of Samy D., a former bodyguard of hollywood stars like George Clooney and Ben affleck, until 22 October. D. must provide justification for the application of blows and injuries in a café in Uccle on 5 september 2014.

The public prosecutor had appealed against it in december 2016, pronounced judgment that Samy D. vrijsprak of committing acts of violence. The acquittal came because there are reasonable doubts about the facts existed. Of all the customers of the café on the day of the facts, there was only one accused out as the husband of a woman with a punch to the ground beat. The woman was then 28 days incapable of working.

Samy D., a Belgian para, at the end of last decade in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for four years worked as a bodyguard of high UN officials like Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon. In the context of that mission, he also had the physical integrity protect celebrities from the world of showbiz, among whom the Hollywoodacteurs Clooney and Affleck.

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