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The situation on Wednesday: What would say Satoshi?

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The Bitcoin news is currently dominated by two themes: Manipulation and regulation. If the price of Bitcoin and the alleged Stable Coin Tether only a result and a tool of Wall Street are whales, and the ghosts at the moment. On the other hand, there are governments that try to create a reasonably uniform sets of rules – and thus sometimes hard to do. It makes you wonder: What would say to Satoshi Nakamoto? The situation on Wednesday.

The Bitcoin price is stuck in the paws of the bear. The mood in the markets was for sure better than that – and this should not be surprising, strictly speaking. There are still those Stable Coins that want to bring their names to the stability in the Ecosystem. And although recently a report was published, to exactly refute it, simmering the suspicion of manipulation in the room. And it goes further: As Anthony Pompliano and Travis Kling impressive have pointed out, there are, in this context, apparently, even Wall Street whales that try the Bitcoin-Ecosystem to absorb them into.

Cool heads in hot times

Of unfair methods of speech, by those big fish, is – at least in theory – be sent the Buy – and Sell-Orders to watch, and then at the right Moment to strike. Private investors have to be on the alert, and their Trading strategies with well-considered approach. And more importantly, not emotions. Because FUD and FOMO are the worst Advisor when it comes to Trading: prefer to keep a cool head.

Regulation must not be harmful – if it works

Because the governments and authorities give to the effort, to ensure greater stability in the Ecosystem. And if the bureaucratic mills grind slowly, so come out (hopefully). Although the U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC is going to struggle with their decision to the Bitcoin ETF. However, on the European side, the thing comes slowly into the rollers.

Here it is first of all the neighbors from Switzerland, who now want to seem to work in a crypto-friendly regulation. Because, the fear, it is currently the heavy access to the Swiss banking system, which provoked a deduction of Blockchain-companies. And also on the German side, there is also recorded in the first progress. After a long battle with the BaFin has managed Bitwala in this country, namely, to bring the Bitwala Card on the market –and thus a Foundation stone for a bridge between crypto and Fiat system.

The crux of the matter

If there are also positive signals that are sent from European regulatory side, there is a catch. At least if you look at it from the point of view Satoshi Nakamoto, the initially a decentralized Peer-to-Peer currency wanted, without a middle-man. Because what is happening is a recentralization of decentralization. Sounds added complicated than it has to be: By banks, and authorities constraints between the people and their Bitcoin, to get the Ecosystem back to the middle men missed, of which it originally wanted to separate. And here they are again: the ghosts of decentralization.

Otherwise considered

However, you can see. Man turns his gaze on the entire Ecosystem, you can not ignore a certain amount of optimism. In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is dedicated to, for example, a new Blockchain-payment system to become the smartest city in the world. Even venture capital firms are starting to slowly (but surely) to invest in Blockchain-companies. IBM honing meanwhile, new patents, while the Bitcoin-Core seems to be a Bug are largely resolved. Even in the support of Refugees, the Blockchain technology will come soon.

This spirit of optimism can a strong growth in the coming years in closer. Then the bears let the Bitcoin rate again in peace. Because even Sir Howard Davies of the Royal Bank of Scotland revealed BTC-ECHO in the Interview:

“The courses will pick up again.”

Until then, the motto remains the same: keep a cool head.

One last thing

Still to clarify a question: What would say Satoshi? Now, on the requests of the BTC-ECHO he has not responded sometimes, unfortunately. However, in view of the fact that he had us already in that Ecosystem to do with the we all hands full, he would repeat, perhaps, and say:

“I’m going to go on to other things.”

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