Stars call on fans to go vote

d481e630b05bf487428f3b24d5b4eec9 - Stars call on fans to go vote

Eddie Vedder

Tuesday was the therefore, National Voter Registration Day, and Pearl Jam, Josh Gad and Common encouraged fans and followers on social media to ensure that they can vote in the Midterms in november. It is chosen for a new House of Representatives and a part of the Senate.

Pearl Jam shared a video of a concert in Montana, where frontman Eddie Vedder in the crowd spoke to them about the importance of voting. Josh Gad asked his followers on Twitter everyone in their family and circle of friends to encourage registration, and Gabrielle Union showed up with a post on Instagram know that she has specified.

Common shared a call from Michelle Obama on Twitter, where Susan Sarandon and her followers made it clear: “We can make the future change. Because the future is votes.” HBO made a movie with stars from Westworld and Silicon Valley who have a listening ear offered, with the message: “There is a voice that needs to be heard. Yours.”

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