’Since the draw, I have two fulltimebanen’

e9f729cd8fe3cece94bec1d4326a8d3c - ’Since the draw, I have two fulltimebanen’

Excelsior Maassluis, HVV To Werve in Rijswijk and VV Gemert this year are the lucky ones. And that will except a lot of fun also plenty of headaches and obstacles.

“Since the draw is known, I have two fulltimebanen had”, sighs president Ivo van Dijk of Werve that Wednesday night against Ajax bekert.

“There’s so much at you as well as Ajax from the sleeve roll. For example, the safety, a subject that you as club of the second class normally nothing to do with it. And then, FOX Sports also has a very set of requirements down. It was soon clear that we on our complex have never been able to meet and thus neighborhoods we from to Noordwijk.”

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