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Rubens-expose may in Facebookreclame

Tourism Flanders may still advertise with the exposed flesh of Peter Paul Rubens. Facebook, two months after an angry open letter from Flanders, his politics changed.

The movie went in July around the world: ‘inspectors’ of Facebook visitors in the rubens house prevent to paintings, to see where nude. With that video and an open letter to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, wanted Tourism Flanders is to raise the on Facebook should not advertise with the barokmeesterwerken of Rubens. Even the descent from the Cross turned out not to be. Annoying, if your tourists want to lure for the Flemish cultural heritage.

Now you can, made Facebook Wednesday known. Advertise a work of art that nudity is now allowed, within certain limits. A few weeks ago, politics is silently adjusted, and a number of museums and institutions gebriefd. Now would be ‘thousands of ads with artistic nudity on the social network.

“It is important for us that museums and other institutions, their art and their exhibitions can promote it on Facebook,” says a company spokesman. An image of a naaktschilderij or sculpture on the Facebook post, by the way, was already admitted. But for paid ads golden to far stricter rules than for ordinary messages. Now is that difference lifted, at least for artistic nude.

Flemish message with international repercussions

This change of the rules would already be a few months in the pipeline at Facebook. They will not, therefore, directly as a result of the open letter from Tourism Flanders, fell in Facebook to learn.

Though that factor certainly have played a role – the Flemish video in which the preutsheid of Facebook, the spot was driven, was made in July to see on the websites of The Guardian, The Times and several American tv-stations.

Not everything is allowed

This change does not mean that everything is now just mag. The updated text of the Facebook Advertising sounds still quite strict, and at the same time shows quite a bit of room for interpretation. A photo of the ‘David’ of Michelangelo ” shows nudity of a statue and meets policy’, as example for clarification. But a picture of a (clothed) woman in a suggestive way for a banana and eat it, is ‘sexually provocative and in violation of the rules’, and can not serve as advertising image. What that means for a painting such as the famous L’origine du monde” or the works of Egon Schiele? That you will have to try it out.

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