Party for year old Micha Marah

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Today is a special day for singer-presenter Micha Marah, because the Campine is 65 and you would expect them to slow down a bit. “No, because I do this all very happy. I am on my 17th started with ‘Tamboereke’ and when I look back on what all I can do, it’s mainly a series of beautiful moments. Eight years ago, I stopped with my management agency, and it is true that for a while I no plates have more made, but that was temporary. Meanwhile, I sing in English, and it suits me just fine. The radio’s are excited. ‘You’, ‘love Songs’ and ‘If I him see’ have done well and are frequently rotated on radio and in Ment.”

Micah thinks on her 65th birthday in any case still not to stop: “I need more from my pipe to come than in the past. I notice that I have less smooth am with social media. For me, it takes a bit longer for my messages on Facebook. I am someone who plenty of research, which then just needs to get used to how things work, but if the bolt I am getting better and smoother. The contact with my audience, also through social media, I find fine. You get direct action, reaction. People respond via Facebook on ‘HadieMicha 2.0’, the talk show that I do every week at Ment present, and what I still really love to do. Other dreams? Yes, a role in a musical or a theatre play. That seems to me to be great!”

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