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New team-mate Max Verstappen: “I don’t want to ruin it”

a42352b601b7e44a8a274c434891bf80 - New team-mate Max Verstappen: "I don't want to ruin it"

The Frenchman Pierre Gasly is next season’s new team-mate Max Verstappen and that promises spectacle. Gasly’s ambitions are clear, the battle with Verstappen, all he wants Verstappen not “destroy”.

During an interview with Olav Mol, he was asked what he expected of his switch to Red Bull Racing, how fast he is next year expected to adjust to his new surroundings.

“You always need time for everything to get used to but hopefully I will soon work well with the team and feel comfortable in the car,” said Gasly opposite Olav Mol of ‘Ziggo Sport’.

“I know the team of Red Bull Racing for some time and at their request I have already in the simulator to be seated and I hope I am quick on my convenience.”

Verstappen was then asked whether he is Max Verstappen wants to ‘destroy’. Those words wanted to Gasly is not in the mouth.

“It is not my wish for Max to destroy. We are two riders and, of course, I’m going to do my utmost,” said Gasly. “I want to be the best F1 driver on the grid and Max has the same desire.”

“It is very nice to have someone next to you to have so fast, as you bring out the best in someone to the top. We are going to great times to meet,” concluded Gasly.

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