Michel met Rohani: ‘we Must always be one-hundred percent of US to follow?”

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A few hours after the American president Donald Trump from the podium of the United Nations, a call to a global isolation of Iran is launched, prime minister Charles Michel in New York a meeting with Iranian president Hassan Rohani. ‘We must always be one-hundred percent of the United States, even against our own vision and interests?”

“We are not naïve about Iran and the regional role it plays,” said Michel Tuesday night after his conversation with Rohani. “But the agreement on the nuclear decommissioning of Iran provides a channel for dialogue, to the forces within Iran to encourage the country to modernise, the economy would strengthen and be willing to engage for a de-escalation in the nuclear field.’

This spring, it got Trump out of the nuclear deal with Iran, and he brought again economic sanctions against the country. Who to target also foreign companies that want to continue to do with Tehran. The European Union took measures to European businesses to protect, but, nevertheless, left a number of large European multinationals out of the country for fear of American retaliation.

More space for China?

Michel acknowledges that the American pressure is high, but “we cannot accept that the US has to decide in which regions in the world, European companies can conduct business and economic activities”. In addition, rice, according to the first minister the question of who is the position that Europe will take. The result is more space for the Chinese economy in Iran.’

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