Judi Dench is cut away from “good friend” Kevin Spacey, “a disturbing precedent”

2eea970420ffdc477c0de283c9fd0d01 - Judi Dench is cut away from "good friend" Kevin Spacey, "a disturbing precedent"

The British actress Judi Dench has severe criticism on the fact that her colleague and “good friend” Kevin Spacey, after a clerical-abuse scandal at the end of last year, was cut off from ‘All the Money in the World. “A troubling precedent”, citing BBC, the actress.

Dench told at the film festival of the Spanish Sebastian to journalists that Spacey for her “an invaluable consolation” was when she, shortly after the death of her husband, and with them collaborated on a film. “I can in no way agree with the fact that you – what he has done – him from the movies begins to cut,” said ‘Dame Dench’.

At the end of last year were against hollywood star Spacey from multiple angles accusations of sexual misconduct. Director Ridley Scott decided to prompt to Spacey, from his latest film, road to be cut, and his scenes, re-filming, with Christopher Plummer as a replacement. That the operation to many millions of cost, shows how much Hollywood sure had to of Spacey to dissociate. Netflix decided shortly thereafter to the discredited come, the actor completely out of the next season of the hit series ‘House of Cards’.

Dench sees the cut of her colleague to say that as a troubling precedent. “We must now by the history, and all those who in one way or another has to misbehave, or has violated any law, or any violation commits, but each time cut?”, she asked rhetorically to reporters. “We are going to them to exclude from our history?”

Dench praised Spacey furthermore, despite the alleged misbruikfeiten, as “a wonderful actor… and a good friend”. The 83-year-old actress added that she “could not imagine” what Spacey – who in 2001 worked with on the film ‘The Shipping News’ – now is doing. A spokeswoman of the cases, the actor said last november that he “takes the time necessary to evaluation and to seek treatment”.

Online reactions to the statements of Dench vary from positive to extremely indignant. On social media the actress on the one hand praised because they are “in its opinion says,” and ushered the still that people “second chances should look”. Other twitter users find that the actress is “too far gone” and that the support for Spacey, downright “nauseating”.

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