’^ Introduced himself as Jari’

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Sander Middelbeek (l) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The team of trainer Sander Middelbeek appears with eleven players from the community to the kick-off and believes of course in a stunt. Especially after Vitesse last season, was eliminated by amateurclub Swift. “And it is not that we have to come up with a juniorenploegje that for the first time on the ice goes,” assures Middelbeek. “We have multiple players who had this kind of duels have been played. It is a tough team, with hardworking Locals who history want to write.”

“I was in a duel with Ibrahimovic’

Middelbeek has experience playing against the top clubs. As leader of Blue and White and as a trainer of JOS Watergraafsmeer he performed against Ajax. In that first duel was a practice game. “I still have a photo on which I in duel am with Ibrahimovic. And I know very well that I, together with Litmanen in the tos. He introduced himself as Jari. I thought: yes, that I know.”

Both duels lost Middelbeek thick. Four years ago, with JOS against Ajax in the second cup round, it was 9-0. “Arek Owned made six goals,” Middelbeek. “We have our defenders, and then regularly jokingly told that they Owned large had made, for until that bekerduel he had not much scored. Oh, his beautiful memories. Hopefully it against Vitesse sports better.”

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