Flight delayed due to bees in the engine

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DURBAN – A swarm of bees has for nuisance taken care of at the King Shaka airport in the South African city of Durban. The insects were massively settled down in the engine of an airplane of the airline Mango. That gathered experts to the approximately 20,000 bees to remove, message, news site News24.

The luchtverkeerstoren of airport King Shaka.

Due to the unusual destination of the bees, there were three flights delayed, said a spokesman of the airline. Mango distributed via Twitter a photo showing how beekeepers the engine bijvrij. It was the first time that a flight of Mango had to be postponed because of such an incident.

Verwijderbedrijf A Bee C spoke of a “hectic” operation. It took a while before the team got permission for the plane to work. Also if some tools will not be used for fear that the unit damage could incur.

An expert told News24 that the bees probably only be a stop made in the engine.

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