Champagne and sandwiches in the Same door, 20 years later

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In the Same door, 20 years later, surprised Martin Heylen with a curious look a few Flemings, twenty years after he had already joined them went around in Man bites dog. What is there in all these years changed, or remained the same? In the fourth episode drink Martin champagne, he is looking a lot but not always and he knows how the Flemish broodjescultuur blooms.

An old general practitioner from Adinkerke (West-Vlaanderen) gave Martin ever the advice is to much champagne to drink because it is healthy. Martin finds the doctor again to see if he has his own remedy has survived. He meets the sons of the doctor and: there is champagne to drink.
Twenty years ago, and met Martin Dajo De Cauter from Hansbeke in East Flanders), a musical boy who together with his father and brothers performed. Dajo told passionate about music and his bass. He lived together with to own to say “the most beautiful girl in the world” and their daughter in a large house next to the railway. Find Martin them years later still in the same house next to the railway back?
In Pamel (Vlaams-Brabant) was Martin the house of Jan and his wife. She was a poetic type, loved the star, poems, romance and a house in which there lived and once something rondslingerde. He had a more decent and structured nature. He could be difficult if the cushions in the seat not on their place, or if there are stuffed animals and other stuff to lie about the house. Call Martin again with them in the house to Pamel?
Wendy and Koen from Yellow (Antwerp) had a broodjesbar. Twenty years ago, that was still a relatively new phenomenon. Wendy and Koen believed fully in the future of their business. Since then, there are in each local authority can be broodjesbars to find; the broodjescultuur in Flanders flourishes. Moreover, it is home delivery with the increased traffic and one-way streets is not easy. Have Wendy and Koen still their case or are they all long?
In Man bites dog visited Martin a couple in a rural community Bunting Opleeuw in Limburg an old vierkantsboerderij had bought. Detail: the price was a groomsman included, with woongarantie. The groomsman Ben had the right to their land to continue living. Ben was an affable, simple man. He had his own cottage in the garden. How’s life there today on the farm?

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