‘Brett Kavanaugh was present during gang rape’

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Julie Swetnick is the third woman candidate-chief judge Brett Kavanaugh accuses of sexual misconduct. “I was remember parties where Kavanaugh was present during gang rape,” writes Swetnick. ‘And I myself was also a victim of a gang rape where he was present.’

It is the lawyer of Julie Swetnick, Michael Avenatti, that her statement tweette. “I learned Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge to know around 1981-1982,” in her statement. “They were becoming very good friends and did everything together.’

Swetnick went to a few parties where they were present. ‘There was every weekend a party, and I saw Kavanaugh and Judge on several occasions, drink too much and misbehave towards women testifies, ” Swetnick. The two were, according to her, both verbally and physically aggressive when a girl them away.

Drugs and gang rape

Swetnick that the testimony of Kavanaugh on Fox News, where he says he is innocent and a virgin until after his twentieth, is false. ‘That statement is a lie’, she writes.

She says that the men drugs were in the drink at parties. “Therefore, I had never been at such parties,” says Swetnick. “I have seen how Kavanaugh and Judge girls viseerden, and afterwards abuse them to make. Most of the girls who are shy or were alone.’

‘In addition, I have also seen how both men girls drunk carried, so that they could no longer resist. Afterwards, they went on to gang rape, with the boys in the corridor to wait until she is on the turn’, says Swetnick. “In 1982 I was also the victim of a gang rape, where the Judge and Kavanaugh were present. I was drugged with what I’m guessing Quaaludes, in my drink.’

Swetnick said that the gang rape at least two people have been told, and that they know many people who can testify that her statement is correct.


Two women accused the candidate chief judge Brett Kavanaugh, for Swetnick, already of sexual misconduct. Kavanaugh himself denies all the allegations, and president Trump remains behind his candidate for the Supreme court. The White House of a smear campaign.

The lawyer of Swetnick is demanding an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh.

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