Amateurs AFC write bekergeschiedenis

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AFC celebrates after the superstunt against Telstar

It was a matching of the biggest victories of amateur clubs in the KNVB cup, a record that the Locals share with Xerxes (5-0 on Velox in 1961/1962) and ADO’20 (6-1 at FC Eindhoven in 2012/2013).

AFC-coach Ulrich Landvreugd let afterwards know was very proud of his players. “We can Telstar, that I advance my players told, but that we 5-0’d win, I had also not expected,” said the winning coach.

“We played well and were our opponent from Velsen-zuid on all fronts the boss. All of my players have ever been on the level of Telstar played. They also have more experience. Only on the physical plane, they shortage, but that was today, certainly not to see.”

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