This are the candidates of The Smartest Man in the World

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*Dominique Van Malder, 42 years. Actor, theatre director and television producer. Known Radio Gaga on Canvas.
*Saïd Boumazoughe, 31 years of age. Actor and theatre director. Also rapper by NoMoBS and SLM, known from the song ‘Ewa yes’.
*Hans Vanaken, 26 years. Football player of Club Bruges and Red Devil.
*Wouter Vandenhaute, 56 years old. President The Pond of media, the driving force behind Flanders Classics and Cover Plate, co-founder of Let’s Play.
*Liesa Naert, 36 years. Actress.
*Jinnih Beels, 41 years. Criminologe, ex-police chief and independent candidate at the Antwerp sp.a-list.
*Tourist LeMC, 34 years. John Faes is a hip-hop and kleinkunstartiest.
*Luca Brecel, 23 years. Topsnookerspeler.
*Clara Cleymans, 29 years. Actress.
*Niels Albert, 32 years. The former Belgian cyclist and world champion. Now has his own bike shop and is active in the cycling world.
*Soe Nsuki, 30 years. Comedian, bgirl and a DJ. Working on a own television program for One.
*Peter Van de Veire, 46 years. MNM – DJ and one presenter.
*Omar Souidi, 32 years. Lawyer.
*Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, 45 years. English actor, comedian, singer, director and presenter. He played in the Dutch movie Loft.
*Brigitte Kaandorp, 56 years old. Dutch comedian and actress.
* Pieter Delanoy, 34 years. Priest, teacher, and the mole 2018.
*Rani De Coninck, 48 years old. Radiopresentatrice on JOE.
*Pieter De Crem, 56 years old. Secretary of state for Foreign Trade, CD&V.
*Franck Boeckx, 31 years of age. Goalkeeper for RSC Anderlecht.
*Youri Mulder, 49 years of age. English voetbalanalist and former footballer. Son of Jan Mulder.
*Michele Cuvelier, 26 years. Radiopresentatrice at Studio Brussel.
*Wim Lybaert, for 50 years. A television producer.
*Sven Gatz, 51 years old. The flemish minister of Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels, Open Vld.
*Viktor Verhulst, 24 years old. Televisieredacteur and screenwriter at Studio 100.
*Julie Colpaert, 38 years. Journalist at VTM news and host of o.a. Telefacts.
*Hugo Borst, 56 years old. Dutch writer, columnist, radio host, television personality and voetbalcriticus.
*Annelies Van Herck, 43 years. VRT-Nieuwsanker.
*Layla El-Dekmak, 30 years. Presenter at Radio 1.
*Guy T Sjoen, 47 years old. Head of endocrinology at the Ghent university hospital. Directs the Center Sexology and Gender. Known of Topdokters on FOUR. Author of “Below the belt” about the male sexuality.
*Hakim Chatar, 29 years. DJ and producer.
*Boris Van Severen, 29 years. Actor and theatre director.

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