Sylvia Witteman jokes about #MeToo-indictment Kavanaugh

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“You’re in a drankspelletje in a student house and you’re shocked when your a dick to see”, says the Volkskrant-columnist. “I would be shocked if I have no dick to see.” The note of Witteman got mixed reactions.

The other woman Kavanaugh accused of sexual misconduct must be Thursday in the Senate witnesses. The senate, where Republicans have a narrow majority, must soon decide or Kavanaugh may be installed in the supreme court. President Donald Trump has the allegations of the women dismissed as a smear campaign of the Democrats’. He understands not that the women only after thirty years to tell their story.

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His comments culminated on Twitter to thousands of responses from women using the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport from the canvases were doing, why they are after a sexual assault here, not or very late notification of dared to make.

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