Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz (78) died

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Producer Gary Kurtz

In addition to Star Wars produced Kurtz (American Graffiti, The Empire Strikes Back and The Dark Crystal. “He loved to tell stories that the humanity of characters in an entertaining way showed, for audiences around the world.”

Although the outside world his name it will link it to Star Wars, he was for his family a beloved husband, father and grandfather, and he was also by his colleagues and those who have him as a mentor might experience, is highly valued. Besides making films loved Kurtz is also involved with photography, music and he studied the history of the film.

In addition, he was a marine, he traveled about the world, he loved them to be outside and he is described as a friendly, compassionate man. “He was great. It can be very miss”, let the family know.

Star Mark Hamill has now through Facebook its condolences to the family em friends of Kurtz transferred. “We would like to thank Gary Kurtz for his contribution to Star Wars and we know that his Legacy forever loved will remain.”

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