Roeland Fernhout has role in British hit series

67e2927562e899b042cc41733f11b7e3 - Roeland Fernhout has role in British hit series

Killing Eve is based on the book of Luke Jennings and talks about a brilliant serial killer who for her employer travels the world to unsuspecting people. The leading roles are played by Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, and Kim Bodnia (The Bridge). The series, produced by BBC America, was nominated for two Emmy’s.

In Amsterdam in the last week of recordings for the second season of twisted. Fernhout should include more on the red light district, a night-time scene have had with actress Comer. Also, there are pictures in the Rijksmuseum.

Except in Amsterdam this autumn, also recordings made in Paris and London. The second season will be in 2019 broadcast.

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