Public prosecutor demands up to ten years in prison for Bill Cosby

3fba1d134bc13a02349b9302d7c734df - Public prosecutor demands up to ten years in prison for Bill Cosby

The American entertainer Bill Cosby, according to the public ministry has not only repented for the sexual abuse to which he was found guilty, and requires, therefore, a term of imprisonment of five to ten years. That said prosecutor Kevin Steele Monday during his closing argument.

Judge Steven O’neill would be Tuesday the punishment for Cosby to disclose. ‘No one is above the law, nobody, ” said Steele, during the hearing in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Cosby was in april convicted of three offences of serious sexual abuse. This is the risk he is actually up to thirty years in prison. But the defense and the prosecution agreed to do the business together. And so is the highest possible penalty of ten years imprisonment in the prison of the state of Pennsylvania.

Cosby’s lawyer, Joseph Green, says that such a punishment is ‘excessive hard’ would be for someone as old as Cosby. ‘What does an 81-year-old man in prison?’ asked Green. He believes that Cosby is the punishment at home would be able to sit out with an ankle bracelet, as he has been doing ever since he was in april found guilty was found.

Victim Andrea Constant also gave a short closing note. ‘The jury has heard me, mr. Cosby has heard me. Now, I ask only justice that the court considers appropriate.’

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