Of the backdrop to behind the bars

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NORRISTOWN – The ever so popular Bill Cosby got in 1965 as the first African-American to receive a major role in a dramatic television series: I Spy. Then he played in many series and he performed also as a stand-up comedian. In 1984, he broke through with the The Cosby Show. It was the highest grossing sitcom that multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards won. All that shine seems to be nothing more about.

Eight seasons and played the comedian Heathcliff Huxtable, a doctor and father of five children, which brought him the nickname ” America’s Dad’ gave. Then he continued acting in several tv series and stage shows, but never with the success of The Cosby Show.

Rumors that the famous actor was engaging in sexual misconduct, did the round. But when a video of comedian Hannibal Buress jokes made about the misconduct of Cosby in 2014 became a internethit, it was good touch. More and more women came out with allegations of abuse.

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Cosby was years earlier, yet escape prosecution. Former basketball star Andrea Constant switched in 2005 to the police with allegations of abuse. A prosecutor was ultimately not prepared Cosby criminal to tackle. Constant found later a settlement with the comedian.

Lingering case

The stocking seemed to be off with the settlement, but in 2014 there were dozens of other women with a similar story to the outside. Most cases were time-barred, but a year later, drew, Andrea, Constant-again a case on the basis of new evidence, and it was Cosby, however, continued. He had to appear before the judge, but the jury after a long deliberation in 2017, not to a judgment.

Therefore, should the case again be fed with this time final conclusion that Bill Cosby on three points to be guilty. Thirteen years after Constant to the police stepped in, the now 81-year-old Cosby is still the prison for the abuse. The court condemns him to three years in prison with a possible extension to ten years.

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Cosby has always denied that he women has been abused. He is more than half a century married to Camille Cosby, and she believes in his innocence. Together they have five children. His daughter Esna died in the beginning of this year to the consequences of a chronic kidney disease. She was 44. In 1997 he lost also all of his son Ennis. He was killed during a robbery.

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