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Justin Sun: “developers should switch from Ethereum network to TRON”

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Justin Sun: “developers should switch from Ethereum network to TRON”

Home News Justin Sun: “the developer of Ethereum network to TRON switch”

Marcel Knobloch –

The eternal turf war between Ethereum and Justin Sun launched crypto-currency TRON is fueled by a Statement again. Sun calls for developments of dezenztalen applications for Ethereum to Stop and immediately switch.

The battle for supremacy of the best Smart Contract platform in the world, between Ethereum and TRON, is a decongestant debate, which flared up due to some rumors and a Statement from the last days again.

On Twitter Afri Schoedon, an avid developer on the Ethereum network, has announced that the capacity of Ethereum to their limits. As we already reported, denied Vitalik Buterin immediately this statement and stated that the ds network is currently very well without a Second-Layer solutions for wireless animals. The clue was the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, and called for all of the dApps (decentralized applications), the Developer should immediately change to TRON’s Ecosystem.

Sun guaranteed a one hundred percent better user experience, and describes that the TRON Blockchain is 100x faster than that of Ethereum. Recently, the TRON Foundation published a statistic showing a strong growth and thus emphasises the progressive development of TRON. Sun received for part encouragement, part but also fierce criticism. Which crypto-currencies will actually prevail in the long term, can only show the next time.

The TRON Wallet received a few hours ago an Update that identi zifizierung by finger scanner, as well as by face allows detection within the App for iOS as well as Android.

The prices of the crypto-currencies within the last 24 hours, a slight Downtrend. Ethereum coincides with a price drop of – 8,93 percent to 185,69 Euro. The price of TRON also falls – 8,79 percent to 0,0179 Euro.

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