Jane Fonda learns of Trump voters

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Jane Fonda

Fonda has been around since the ’60s active as an activist, then against the war in Vietnam. Later, she put the focus on women’s issues. She founded in 2005, the Women’s Media Center, and speaks frequently about the position of women in Hollywood and beyond. “I think it’s important to me to hear, certainly at this time,” says the actress, who is part of the Time’s Up-move.

“Me Too went over to listen to victims, Time’s Up, turns to: what are we going there now to do?” explains Fonda. Itself, she founded her arrows on the world outside of Hollywood. “When we started the movement, we got letters from women’s organisations in the agricultural world evolution, the care, the hotel industry. Women in these sectors are so fragile. They dare not say anything because they can’t afford to lose their job. We have others within Time’s Up which are more with Hollywood and what’s happening there is concerned, I put my celebrity in to the fate of these women under the spotlight.”


In her new HBO documentary, available in the Netherlands via Ziggo, tells the actress about the guilt that she has always talked about her wealth and privileged position. She has to learn to cope, she observes during her activism. “I’m going for some organizations when they go from house to house to their goals to discuss. Sometimes I am recognized, often not, by the way. But if people know who I am, you have to deal with prejudices: “what Do you mean is a white, famous, affluent woman like you tell me what I should do?’. Then I try to explain them: yes, I have a privileged life, but we also have things in common. And if we make the world better, we will all have to do.”

Fonda tries these conversations as open as possible. “Sometimes, the people who Trump voted for. I never say anything negative about him or about Fox News, because that state always. My goal is to have them say something that they don’t know. For example, that their child with an existing condition health insurance will lose it if Trump his plans, too.”

Itself cross the 80-year-old, also there’s a lot of on. “I think it’s important to get out of our bubble and talk with people who disagree with us. I learn it also. About why they vote as they do, for example. And I understand that, absolutely. They just do not have all the information.”

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