Hanne of K3 are going to marry

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It is almost three years ago that Hanne, Klaasje and Marthe to the new Q3, crowned were and since then there has been a lot happening with the young ladies. The somewhat silent Hanne from then has evolved into someone who is confident and who is now also more frequently the word performs during the interviews. Hanne Verbruggen had Tuesday night during the bedgeheimen James big news because they are going to marry. She and her friend Jorn are already 8 years together and find that the two lovebirds enough to know that they are forever and always together want to stay. Jorn has Hanne had just proposed during a holiday in Portugal. ” I’ve always had a soft spot for tough people, I love to be mysterious people,” said Hanne to James. “My friend Jorn is also such a person, he is quite mysterious”. Hanne is a man who likes to flirt and they greatly enjoy the fact that men are looking at her. James tells Hanne that Jorn the man of her life. The question of whether Hanne with Jorn wants to marry she will not be out of the way and she confirms that there is a marriage. Have a date the two have not yet confirmed but possible is the marriage, next year or in 2020. Jorn went on his knee to sit on a wonderfull place in Portugal and asked the big question. “We were all alone, that was really great,” laughs Hanne. And yes, Jorn had also an engagement ring.

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