Ex-prime minister, France wants to be mayor of Barcelona

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BARCELONA – The ex-prime minister of France, Manuel Valls wants to be left-wing kindred spirit, Ada Colau follow-up as mayor of the city of Barcelona. The 56-year-old socialist said Tuesday during a press conference that the ambition, first in Catalan and then in Spanish. There had been months of speculation about his candidacy. The election is on may 26, 2019.

Manuel Valls.

Valls was in 1962 in Barcelona, born as the son of a Swiss mother and Spanish father. He received in 1982, also the French nationality and was in his second homeland of march 2014 to december 2016, prime minister under president François Hollande.

,,My father in 1949 departed from Barcelona, but has never taken away from his mother tongue and his culture. Our home was the Spanish civil War a frequent topic of conversation. And that was always in Catalan”, said Valls, who is vehemently against the separation of Catalonia.

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