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Evenepoel makes fame where and get powdery opposition at the world CHAMPIONSHIP time trial for juniors

116ae20f4be9c529fa97c62e4681b38e - Evenepoel makes fame where and get powdery opposition at the world CHAMPIONSHIP time trial for juniors

Remco Evenepoel has his reputation to achieve. At the world championship time trial for juniors pulverized he is the opposition. He had no less than one minute and 23 seconds ahead of the number two, the Australian Luke Plapp. Five years after the late Igor Decraene is the first Belgian title in the time trial at the junior as a fact.

Branko Huys was the first Belgian who started the world CHAMPIONSHIP time trial for juniors. But, even more than his time, (37:44.80) were his words afterwards, that may did: “Because Remco and Ilan has a very good aerodynamic position, plays that to their advantage. I expect that they will soon be dotting the i’s post and one, and two will end.” He talked about the other two Belgians, Remco Evenepoel and Ilan Van Wilder.

That duo was at the european CHAMPIONSHIP time trial for juniors in July of this year, one and two. Especially the 18-year-old Evenepoel had the past few years, impressed with his results: after his European title in the time trial he won on the road with a whopping ten minutes ahead. The new Merckx was born.

Australian turned out to be a serious contender

Not that Van Wilder in the past year so much had to be inferior to Evenepoel. Nine times was the Opwijkenaar this season, the second ended with the juniors, five times of that was behind his more famous peer. Not coincidentally, it was also Van Wilder, and while the afternoon, the Dutchman Michielsen of the hotseat played the drums.

Belgium should really just dreams of re-gold and silver, to the Australian Luke Plapp made its entrance. That was on the EK piste in the juniors from last month is already good for two gold medals and made more than half a minute off of the time of Van Wilder. Soon it turned out that this is also too high for the Italian Andrea Picollo and the German Michel Hessmann, which is still managed By Wilder of the stage to be disposed of.

Evenepoel do mouths yet again shut

The word was to Evenepoel, and the European champion did everyone who even feared that Plapp for a stunt could provide soon believed otherwise. At the first waypoint, he was already fifty seconds faster than the Australian. Unseen. A few minutes later, he got the Norwegian talent Soren Werenskjold, the rider in front of him was left, just in.

The advantage of Evenepoel was in the last straight line is already so great that he has all the time had to exuberant cheering, with one hand on the steering wheel, over the line bulbs. He klokte with a whopping one minute and 23 seconds ahead of Plapp (33.15.24), a huge difference at this level. Immediately after arrival, a collapsed emotional Evenepoel in the arms of his parents. He is the first Belgian world champion time trial with the juniors since the late Igor Decraene.

For Belgium, it is the second medal of this world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Monday ran Brent Nut for silver in the time trial for promises.

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