Chocolate rules in Bake Off Flanders

dd2d5ba854a79c73cfd0003553b31a48 - Chocolate rules in Bake Off Flanders

n week 5 to leave the bakers classic cakes, and immerse them in the chocolate. A challenge, because as a juror, and chocolatier, Herman Van Dender says: “A good bakery is not necessarily a good chocolatier. Chocolate is a craft of its own.”

Baking at the time in a strange kitchen is hard. Add summer temperatures and a leader chocolatier, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a heavy war of attrition. The signatuuropdracht of the week is an opera, a classical French pastries chocolate in central. The heat makes the chocolate harder to edit, and some bakers are therefore pressed for time. Deborah tries in the last seconds of the ‘opera’ to write on her cake, but ends up in ‘opero’.

Also Denise is pressed for time in the technical trial. The bakers have one for the tent to enter to 6 identical moelleuxs without prescription. A la minute to be served to Herman and Regula, who go looking for the perfect specimen with a current filling. With a tight 35 minutes on the clock, comes Denise in the problems. An emotional confrontation with herself. They lost last year, 55 pounds and has the feeling that her head has not yet adapted to her new body. “Be slow to connect even with laziness, and the prejudices that people have about obesity. I bots there every time.”

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