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Bitcoin: age Tether-Report brings a fresh Wind in the manipulation scandal

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Tether has a white vest? A study relieves the publisher of the allegedly U.S.-Dollar covered stablecoins as regards the allegation of the Bitcoin market manipulation. It creates the Report, to refute the allegations of manipulation?

The anonymous Tether critic

The Stable Coin Tether looks since the publication of an anonymously published Reports, in January of this year, with allegations of Manipulation of the Bitcoin price faced. Under the title “Quantifying the Effect of Tether” is raised in the Report of the suspicion that the Stable Coin for nearly half of the Bitcoin price gains in the investigated period. The report concluded that new units, depending on the crypto-market situation, “printed”, and its growth was not a result of an “organic” demand.

Doubts as to the coverage of the Stable Coins

Also, that the Stable Coin is really covered to 100 percent by U.S. Dollar deposits, doubts of the author. Tether Limited, the Issuer of the Stable Coins, claimed the persistently – but it remains water-proof evidence, as yet, guilty. A on 20. June published opinion of the law firm of Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan confirmed on a sample basis, that the Stable Coin by the US was met Dollar. There is a lack of the opinion, however, of credibility, as attorney Sullivan is also part of the Advisory Board of one of the two (anonymous) Tether-banks.

Persistent Suspicion Of Manipulation

The report also highlights the anomalies in the relation of the Stable Coins to Bitcoin. Thus 48.8 percent of the rate produced growth of Bitcoin in 2017 within the first two hours of the issuance of new USDT-Token to the crypto-exchange, Bitfinex. In addition, the authors described the Deposit/withdrawal movements in case of Bitfinex as “unusual” and further research need. In the report from the beginning of the year, it is also of a slump of 30 to 80 percent, should confirm the manipulation rumors of the Stable Coin.

Who had written the Report for the private think tank “1000x Group”, was not known. The group revealed, however, that the author of a Machine Learning and statistics specialized Ex-Google employees.

Confirmation from Texas

13. June employees, then John M. Griffin and Amin Shams in their study, “Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?” with the ratio of the Bitcoin exchange rate and of the Emission of the Stable Coins. The two researchers from the University of Texas came to a similar conclusion as the Report from the beginning of the year – namely, that there is a striking correlation between the Stable Coin and Bitcoin:

“From the 1. March 2017 to 31. March 2018, increasing the actual Bitcoin price of 1,190 U.S. dollars to 7,000 dollars – a return of 488%. In contrast, the price series ends, excluding the 87 Tether-related hours, with about 4,100 US dollars, an increase of 245 percent. Therefore, the hours with the strongest Tether-Flow, which make up less than one percent of the period seem to be with 50 percent of the Buy-and-Hold income of Bitcoin.“

The report came up with a possible motive of the Tether guide floor:

“[…] if the Tether’s founder, as most of the early crypto-currency buyer and the exchanges hold Bitcoin over the long term, you will have a large incentive, an artificial demand for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies by “Printing” from Tether to generate. Similar to the inflationary effect of printing additional money, this can drive the crypto-currency prices. Secondly, the coordinated deployment of the Tether creates the possibility to manipulate crypto-currencies. If prices fall, can convert the Tether-Creator of your Tether in Bitcoin, so Bitcoin is pushed to the top.
Then you exchange Bitcoin back into US dollars, the Tether-reserves to replenish, while the Bitcoin price is rising.“

A lot of Wind about nothing?

Recently, the Economics, the journal “Economic Letters has now published” a report that breaks a lance for the Stable Coin. The author, Wang Chun Wei, had published his Paper in may on SSRN. After it was initially little attention, grew in the public interest with his inclusion in the October issue of Economic Letters.

In the report “The Impact of Tether Grants on Bitcoin” (dt. about: The influence of Tether-issued to Bitcoin) Wei Bitcoin, and Tether is also a statistical analysis. Through the use of a vector autoregressive model (VAR), Wei of the result:

“Our Paper does not investigate whether the newly issued Tether tokens are actually with the US Dollar or not, but we examine the impact of this crypto-currency issuance on the later of crypto currency rate. In summary, we find no evidence that USDT-emissions lead to a later increase of the Bitcoin returns.”

At the same time, the Report maintains, however, that out of the gifts of the stablecoins could increase the trade volume of Bitcoin (and Tether) in the short term. Here is the report coincides explicitly with the results of the anonymous Reports from January.

It is also assumed that the Tether Limited makes the publishing of new Token from the location at the Bitcoin market.

Conclusion: this is Not a complete Rehabilitation for the Stable Coin

The study was unable to establish the allegations of manipulation against the Tether (and Bitfinex) completely from the world. The applied VAR model has a thinner data basis of the analysis of Griffin and Shams. In addition, Griffin and Shams only knew of-setting results, they were his report as sources. Although it is not each of these 45 references used by the researchers from Texas to meaningful literature. Nevertheless, the sources of supplies and data, in the case of Griffin and Shams a more convincing image as the Weis Report. This is not only shorter, but is based only on six sources – one of which he himself is.

Also, the argument of the anonymous report with the various statistical procedures, which to some extent also in financial forensics application that is not addressed by Weis report. Finally, the fact that the results of Griffin and Shams in some Places make almost identical with those of the January-Reports rather for the manipulation of these talks.

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