Top 40 moves to Qmusic

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“We are very proud that the mother of all charts will soon be coming on the Friday afternoon at Qmusic. The Dutch Top 40 is a very strong brand, that in addition to radio online, on mobile and social with unprecedented possibilities,” says zendermanager Dave Minneboo in a comment. “The Top 40 is the only real chart that the test of time has always managed to endure by constant refresh. We set this to Qmusic by. The Top 40 will be compiled by looking to, among others, airplay on all radio stations and streamingcijfers.”

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Top 40-chairman Erik the Black is also happy with the move. “We have spent the last months with different parties interviewed. The conclusion is that the Dutch Top 40 at Qmusic is the best place. Both on the radio, as by the platform that the transmitter together with the AD and the regiotitels can offer. We are ready for the next step with the Top 40 and look very much forward to this collaboration.”

The Dutch Top 40 since 1965 can be heard on the radio. The first years of the charts heard at Radio Veronica and, later on Radio 3. Over the past 25 years was the Top 40 on Radio 538 broadcast. 538 made Monday known to stop the broadcast of the Top 40.

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