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Tim Draper predicts that the total market capitalization of all the Kryptos will reach in 15 years, 80 trillion dollars

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Tim Draper, an American Venture Capital Investor, has predicted that the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies in 15 years, will reach 80 trillion dollars. He predicts that Bitcoin and crypto-currencies temporarily fall, but then rise quickly, and to grow in the next 15 years, an 80-trillion-Dollar market.

Draper said the deal street Asia PE-VC Summit in 2018 in Singapore, the significant decline in the crypto market in the past few days was due to people, the crypto-currencies as a new asset accepted class. Crypto-currencies are going to change many of the important industries in the world, as soon as the people with the digital currencies are more familiar.

The Internet began in the same way it came in large waves, and then it came to a crash, but then the next wave comes, but focused at the same time, much larger, and I suspect the same will happen here (with Bitcoin).

The way Bitcoin currently fluctuates, is similar to that of the Internet-technology a few years ago. Tim Draper said,

I think it will have a strong transformative effect on industries, of which we had never thought that they would be transformable. The Internet had it apart on the branches, which were 10-100 billion Dollar markets. Crypto-currencies have it apart on the trillion Dollar markets – namely, Finance, healthcare and insurance, Banking and investment banking as well as governments.

According to the deal street Asia Draper has invested by Early-Stage venture capital firm Wavemaker, which focuses on investments in the B2B and deep tech companies in South – East Asian companies.

Tim Draper is based s prediction based on regulations. Regulations play a very important role in the cryptocurrency market. There are a number of factors, such as the approval by various Authorities such as the SEC and what the regulatory authorities. The crypto market currencies react tend to be fast on all decisions relating to the regulation of Crypto. The US SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, currencies the trading of two securities in connection with Crypto on Sunday (09.09.2018), citing the confusion among market participants with regard to these instruments, be temporarily suspended. The suspended securities Bitcoin Tracker One (CXBTF) and Ether Tracker One (CETHF). The lock is temporary. They began on Sunday and ends on the 20. September.

This is not the first Time that Tim Draper predictions about the crypto market. A few days ago he had said that Bitcoin will reach in the year 2022, $ 250,000. He had also said that he will not sell his Bitcoins: the cryptography is to exchange into Fiat as Gold shells. In terms of price, we would like to see Bitcoin continue to rise. He had further added that he has increased his forecast for Bitcoin, in the year 2022 as a result of new calculations on $ 250,000.

In addition, regulations must be clearly defined and must not take over. The governments of the world are in competition, and the Best among them to create easy-to-understand and not to strict regulations for crypto.

Tim Draper and a total market capitalization

Since then, Bitcoin on 6. September is in favor of the 7,400$ 6,300$, he stands now at about USD$ 6,500. Bitcoin was at $6,500 a fairly stable and experienced a movement that has made it possible for tokens to minimize losses compared to BTC and other major crypto currencies. This Week (8. September – 15. September 2018) shows the market capitalization of crypto-currencies with fluctuating Trend and at the time of the article in 203,84 billion US dollars (see figure below). On 8. September, the total market capitalization amounted to 192,19 billion dollars. She first fell to almost $ 8 billion, and 13. September, the market capitalisation amounted to 200,67 billion dollars. At the Moment, the total market capitalization is 203,84 billion dollars. According to Coinlib the following figure shows the total market capitalization:

Total market capitalization

The volume of trading of the crypto currency market is also showing a fluctuating behavior. On 8. In September, they amounted to 4.5 trillion dollars. It increased abruptly and reached on the 13th. In September the maximum value of this week of 5.47 trillion dollars. Currently, the volume of trade is again at 4.45 trillion dollars.

He also said that crypto currencies are the next big technological change, and governments will need to balance your need to protect investors, with their need to be able to this important branch of the economy to participate. For this reason, crypto would overtake currencies, Fiat currencies in the next five to seven years.

According to the deal street Asia Tim Draper also said that he sees good opportunities for Bitcoin and Blockchain projects in Indonesia, because the country is short of modern banking infrastructure. The same is true for some other economically weak countries. However, the need for the use of crypto-currencies, by far, is in countries such as Germany are not so high.

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