Thibaut Courtois binds together with Frances the fight against hardrijders

f2fe893448d4eed2f01449fe4e1296b2 - Thibaut Courtois binds together with Frances the fight against hardrijders

26.779 people registered as organ donors and 13.002 virtual autokaartjes to the address of Joke Schauvliege. Frances Lefebure has our country after one episode of Make Belgium Great Again all a bit ‘greater’. On Tuesday 25 september, Frances and her mission further. In episode 2, she tries our giant plasticberg a little bit smaller, she goes looking for a tune that already 66 in the head of a man sits and pulls them together with Thibaut Courtois to battle against hardrijders in a zone 30.

The snelheidsregels in the movement are clear. And yet dare we all need to drive fast, without thought to the possible consequences. “A cyclist or pedestrian at 30 km/h is hit by a car has 98% chance of survival. Happens that at 50 km/h is only 24%, or 1 chance in 4,” says Frances. “Per day hit no less than 10 children injured in traffic. So, there is only one thing to do: let’s make the zone 30 great again. Or yes, slow again.”

To do that, go to Frances and her team to research. To a school in Torhout they measure how many people are on the speed limit of 30 km/h. Or better: how many people that does not do. Along with top keeper and hero of all Belgians Thibaut Courtois, they put a plan out to hardrijders to address. “I myself have 2 kids and know how important this is, especially in the area of schools,” says Thibaut. “In the past, I looked there, maybe less. As a child I was almost hit by a car when I by accident with the bike the street and crossed without looking. I Had a leg broken, then there was no, there has been a keeperscarrière.” Specially for Make Belgium Great Again throws Thibaut, his body in the fight against hardrijders.

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