’Surprised’ Top 40 goes to another station

d9d2672e7a08e7f020de953e58888b75 - ’Surprised’ Top 40 goes to another station

Erik the Black was in 2006 appointed to the chairman of the Foundation Dutch Top 40, and presented the charts for years on radio and tv.

The board has ’surprised’ notice of the decision of 538. This station reported on 1 november to stop broadcasting of the list, while the contract still runs until 31 december. The Top 40 can’t say yet whether there are legal steps to follow.

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Radio 538 had at the end of last year by 31 december 2018 to want to stop the broadcast of the list. “Unfortunately, we are this spring, after many discussions, not to a new agreement had been reached”, the directors of the Top 40. “Partly in reference to the management of Radio 538 we are with other parties are going to talk.”

Radio 538 however, according to the Top 40 in the last month yet again with us to accord to want to come and even last Thursday, he was still in with a renewed bid will come’.

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