Stroomstootwapens and major centres: the Italian government is tightening immigration policy

675697b7b777438823ac51ce70452d79 - Stroomstootwapens and major centres: the Italian government is tightening immigration policy

The Italian council of ministers on Monday a decree approved that the current security and migration policy stricter. The government speaks of a ‘step forward in making Italy safer’

The decree was advocated by Matteo Salvini, minister of the Interior, and also leader of the right-populist party Lega. “It is a step forward for Italy to make it safer, to mafia and human traffickers harder to address, to the costs of excessive immigration to reduce, to criminals and fake asylum seekers faster outside, to the citizenship to terrorists, to deny and to provide more powers to the police to give’, wrote Salvini on Facebook.

The new decree provides for concrete in the suspension of the asylum application if the applicant is ‘dangerous’ is or may be subject to a conviction in the first instance. Will asylum seekers in groups are housed in large shelters, the naturalization of any immigrant who is convicted for terrorism will be withdrawn and will be recognised refugees on the Italian territory to be divided.

In addition, the authorities will now stroomstootwapens be allowed to use the municipal police, and abolishing the obligation to protect vulnerable people in temporary accommodation should be offered. However, the decree is an exception for people with a humanitarian residence permit.

The text was the last few weeks for his approval vehemently criticized, also by coalition partner, the Vijfsterrenbeweging. The secretary-general of the Italian episcopal conference, Nunzio Galantino, had criticism that immigration and security in the same text are treated. “That means that the migrant is already condemned because of his situation and in advance is described as a public danger, irrespective of his behavior. That is a bad signal,’ he stated.

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