Storm brings participants sailing race in problems: ‘I can’t walk anymore’

b85a54ea2c01dd258d2ca131af8005a0 - Storm brings participants sailing race in problems: ‘I can't walk anymore’

Participants of a non-stop solowedstrijd around the world are in heavy weather too. One of them had to be saved.

A storm in the Indian Ocean, with winds up to 140 km/h and waves up to 15 meters, has a number of boats heavily damaged.

Especially the Indian sailor Abhilash Tomy, there seems to be a back injury very. He sent Saturday a satellietbericht: ‘Noodradiobaken activated. Can’t walk. Possible stretcher.”

In another message said to the sailor that his toes can move, but not to eat or drink. His situation seemed very worrying and there was a rescue set up. In the meantime, rescue his boat. ‘Tomy with a stretcher from his yacht met’, it sounds. “He is awake and safe.”

The boat of Tomy was a replica of the Suhaili, the yacht on which the Briton Robin Knox-Johnston in 1968, the first Golden Globe Race won.

Other participants received the difficult. Just as Abhilash Tomy became the Ipr Gregor McGuckin are mast lost. The Dutchman Mark Slats was twice beaten down by the waves.

The organization let you know that Slats themselves overboard, was struck and that a wave the hatch to the cabin had been smashed in. Perhaps he had himself tied to the boat. On Twitter to let his companions know that the storm is going, and that Slats battered, but okay.

Most of the other sailors were more to the north and could be the heaviest part of the storm to avoid. At the start, departed in July eighteen sailors, now there are still eight boats in the race.

Fifty years after the legendary Golden Globe Race is the race re-sailed as a tribute to the performance of Robin Knox-Johnston. He was the only one who, when the finish had been achieved. The participants of the new edition may not have modern aids to navigation use, because that they had in 1968. For safety reasons, they are allowed to have a satellite phone to take with you.

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