Sports women in musical Soof

761252c59ca787f0b1c43d5c7d3bec52 - Sports women in musical Soof

The athletes participate in a number of performances, the role of the sportster on who the man of Soof fall in love with. Earlier was already announced that former cyclist Leontien van Moorsel makes its appearance. They will be the largest part of the performances.

The musical, about a chaotic mother and caterer with a problematic marriage, is based on the first successful film Soof from 2013 with Lies Visschedijk in the lead role. The title role is played by Maike Boerdam, Noël van Santen plays Kasper. Other roles are for Juul Friday, Winston Post, and Julia Nauta. Particularly in the show is the decor. A part of the audience takes actually place in the kitchen of Soof.

Soof the musical is on 18 november in première in Breda and then in the whole country to see.

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