So escaped Boris Becker to scheidingsperikelen

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Boris Becker at the Oktoberfest in Munich

On Instagram, he shares grijnslachend a video of himself on the ground, with behind him, women in popperige dresses. Photos of Daily Mail he is also liked by those ladies in dirndoll-clothing seduce for a nice los to the dance. And why not, he thought, now he is with his ex-wife only but the separation need to settle.

Was the official statement that both all it would do to a son, Amadeus of eight the highest priority, the interest between Lilly Becker, later Kerssenberg and Boris is plenty of started. So put Lilly a remarkable nude photo, with the caption ’are you angry?’, all claimed later they Bild that really no one specific was meant. She was just comfortable in her own skin ” and that she wanted to share.

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In turn, let Boris noticed that he really does not wake up from Lilly’s absence in his life, or the painful fact that he is the battle for custody of their son lost two days ago he brought in each case have quality time with Amadeus in London. But now: a huge pints of beer, a little dance here and there, and voilà, he merges himself completely to the life wisdom that he, the day after Lilly’s provocative post on Instagram continued: “There comes a time in your life that you walk away from all the drama and people who create’. And also: “You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.’ And where could he do it better than the vast bierfestijn in his familiar homeland?

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