Slutsky amazed at Vitesse-fuss: ’The state has no one here’

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Bryan Linssen and Leonid Slutsky

The left last season one of the best players in the people from arnhem was, and since his arrival, actually always the undisputed basisspeler had in the duel with ADO on the bank start.

“It occurred to me that there is so much to do around that choice,” says Slutsky Monday against The news of the world. “I chose against ADO just with the same vanguard to play as in the game with PEC Zwolle (2-0 victory, red.) which we good playing soccer.” Linssen was that duel at the bank because he is slightly injured. For the duel with ADO suggested Slutsky so again, Martin Ødegaard and Roy Beerens on the flanks.

Not in top form

“Bryan is this season still not in top form and had against SC Heerenveen and AZ even though some opportunities were missed. And then the choice of a time different. But it is not so that players of Vitesse, a status that they always play? That status has no one here.”

Linssen fell against ADO halfway through the second half in a 1-1 stand in, but could the people from arnhem not more to the victory help.

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