Roxeanne Hazes: “I have no quarrel with André’

d7ffaf21c6ae7b4123921531589e870c - Roxeanne Hazes: "I have no quarrel with André’

“I have always said my door is open if he needs his nephew join us. I also have no quarrel with my brother and that I also want to keep it this way,” says Roxeanne to RTL.

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Singers Holland Sings Hazes on tour

Over the next Holland sings Hazes concerts in march 2019, in which they will collaborate with André, she says: “I think it’s especially important that people in the audience do not know that we are not on speaking terms, or whatever. We come there for a purpose, and that is the music and life of dad to celebrate and nothing more than that.”

In the previous year, Roxeanne already know that she is her brother after her engagement had informed with a message and that he is welcome at her wedding.

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