OK is now ok in Scrabble

92d4839dfe843f8564c9d7093bef9956 - OK is now ok in Scrabble

SPRINGFIELD – The word OK is now allowed for scrabble players. It is included in the official Us English Scrabble dictionary that is used for the board game. Also, ‘ew’, an exclamation of horror, may now be laid.

The new dictionary is Monday, released. There are about three hundred new words. Below are qapik (a currency from Azerbaijan, convenient for those who have a q but no u), bizjet (business aircraft) and macaron (filled French cookies). Also aquafaba (the moisture in a tin of chickpeas), botnet (a network of hijacked computers), sheeple (insult for people who like a flock of sheep behind a ruler call), bokeh (the blur in a photo), emoji, facepalm, and network may now be laid.

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