Matthijs van Nieuwkerk back with DWDD

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Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

One of the guests Monday evening plasticvanger Boyan Slat. With his project the Ocean Cleanup, try the 24-year-old the plastic soup in the pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii to clean up.

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This season is Like the house band of the program. The local people listening will traditionally every last Friday of the month, the media broadcast. New in the talk-show is the part Yung DWDD that Squirt and Swallow-presenters Emma Wortelboer, Jurre Luck, Sahil Amar Aïssa and Samya Hafsaoui items.

The talk show with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk stopped this year, at the end of march. Then it was Time for Max and since mid-may, the new talk show the M of Margriet van der Linden at the time of DWDD. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was made in the summer, the books programme Moby Dick.

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