Less viewers for Farmer wants a Wife

37038bd75c241d94df4a07835fc60fcf - Less viewers for Farmer wants a Wife

The second regular episode of the tenth season attracted approximately 193.000 viewers less, but with thick 2.9 million viewers is still a large kijkcijfersucces, according to figures from the Foundation for sight examination (SKO).

The sales people had it inspected at prime time, could RTL 4 with Miljoenenjacht still good numbers present. To the game show looked this week, with almost 1.7 million people.

Fox Sports pulled in the afternoon a lot of attention with the top match between PSV and Ajax (909.000 viewers). To the voetbalsamenvattingen looked at evening in Studio Sport Eredivisie on NPO 1 more than 2.4 million people.

Immediately after Farmer wants a Wife looked over 1.2 million people to This was the news on NPO 1, knew NPO 3 to score in the series, I know who you are (632.000 viewers) and Sunday with Well (896.000) and saw 1 million people, a new episode of Family Kruys on RTL 4.

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