Helpless sailor is doing on text messages report

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PERTH – A French research vessel, reached probably Monday the boat of the injured solozeiler Abhilash Tomy. He touched Friday on thousands of kilometres southwest of Perth in trouble when his mast broke during a storm. The sailor is doing since then via text messages, an account of his deteriorating state of health.

Abhilash Tomy

The rescue of Tomy has the requisite feet in the earth, because its 10-meter long boat located far from the inhabited world. The Australian authorities coordinating the operation, where, according to broadcaster ABC ships and aircraft from several countries are involved.

Tomy, who participated in the Golden Globe Race, has, through a satellite connection reported that he can no longer walk. He said in recent messages that he continuously had vomiting and a burning feeling in his chest. The Australian rescue service says that the French will try the solozeiler from India to the island of Amsterdam in the Indian Ocean.

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