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France Football goes this year first Golden Ball for women and introduces the Kopa Trophy

f71200155ca282267c0e17d16d436fae - France Football goes this year first Golden Ball for women and introduces the Kopa Trophy

The Ballon d’or, the world’s most prestigious individual voetbalprijs, this year for the first time a female winner. France Football since 1956 is responsible for the organization, will be on 3 december next to a man a woman also awarded with the trophy.

According to Pascal Ferre, editor-in-chief of France Football, women’s football in recent years greatly in importance and it is a logical step. “Women’s football is a discipline that is growing enormously and the same is worthy of respect as the men. More than 760 million tv viewers followed the last world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2015 and that does not happen just like that.”

On 8 October, will be France Football a shortlist of fifteen nominees to disclose. At the same time are also the names of the thirty contenders for the men released. The players are selected by France Football, and an international panel of journalists specialised in women’s football will decide the winner.

“It will be a another jury if the men agree,” said Ferre. “Only experts are allowed to vote. I trust that we have a jury of about forty journalists will have, all from countries where women’s football is on the rise.”

In Belgium, since 2016 is a Golden Shoe for women is issued. Tessa Wullaert won the first edition last year, the trophy to Janice Cayman.

Kopa Trophy

France Football plant, incidentally, is also the creation of a new award for the best young player, the Kopa Trophy, named after the Frenchman Raymond Kopa. The former midfielder of Real Madrid won the Ballon d’or in 1958, died last year on his 85th. Only the 33 still-living ex-winners of the Golden Ball (including Messi, Ronaldo, Platini and Zidane) will be allowed to choose from a shortlist of ten U21 players.

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