Boy survives 49 days on a raft

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Jakarta – A 19-year-old boy has 49 days survived on a runaway raft on the sea, thousands of kilometers, was drifting.

Aldi Novel Adilang had a very lonely job, 125 kilometres off the coast of North Sulawesi. He guarded a vissenval under a raft with a house. Once a month he had over a walkie-talkie contact with the homeland. With a generator he was the light that the fish would have to draw. The raft had a rope fixed to the seabed. Every week he was visited by the owner of the raft. Who picked up the fish and took in some provisions for the security guard for the upcoming week.

In mid-July he came to in a severe storm and drifted thousands of miles away from North Sulawesi to the waters near Guam. His food and drink were then long on, writes the Jakarta Post.

A ship under a Panamanian flag, went to meet him eventually. Aldi told that in the last days several ships had seen passing by, but no one responded to his waving.

Aldi has survived the dry fish to eat and to own say water to lick from his clothing that he is occasionally in the sea had dipped. When the gas was up, he started the raft to use as firewood.

Now is Aldi back to his family in Manado. He would were all the way on the strength have come.

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