Afrojack wants, dreams, new talents deliver

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Completely new is a remix contest not for Afrojack. The dj, who is actually a Nick of the Wall is called, did it more often, but always behind the scenes. “This is the first time that everyone can join in,” explains he.

Nick is obviously looking to level, but the story behind the participants is also important. “Perhaps the most important. If you can mix but not a goal, you’ll earn it, perhaps, not to win. I would like people with a dream, and that dream I want come true.”

Big step

The dj hopes that his network is something to can do for the winner. “I talk to the boys of The Chainsmokers for example every week, but apart from that I can with one phone call or message to an other artist already mean a lot. That can be a big step.”

The remix contest is separate from the quest for the international pop group where Afrojack for quite a while now. The auditions and sit there all now, already quit, Nick, not that there will eventually be more to follow. “We have a lot of talent but I want the door always open for new talent. They also deserve a chance,” he says.

With the two searches is the discovery of talent by now become an important part of his life. “I also find it really fun. It is now my greatest hobby.”

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