14 years in prison for test page for hackers

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WASHINGTON – A 38-year-old man from Latvia has been sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment in the United States. Ruslans Bondars managed between 2009 and 2016, a site where hackers and their malware to test.

On the site Scan4you could hackers against payment to try their malicious programs were able to anti-virus software to bypass. Bondars had thousands of customers. One of them knew, after the test, approximately 40 million credit card information to steal via retail chains in the United States. One of the affected companies suffered nearly 300 million dollars damage. Another hacker used the test site to a malware to develop eleven million computers infected and a half billion dollars damage to his lords. The total damage caused by Scan4you, according to the court of 20.5 billion dollars.

The court will decide later or Bondars compensation must pay.

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