Third Dutch version of Mamma Mia! in premiere

dcb3b52899329e6d04177418aaeb636e - Third Dutch version of Mamma Mia! in premiere

In addition to Antje Monteiro, there are also important roles to play for an actress Jolijn Henneman and Soy Kroon. Dieter Troubleyn, Emiel de Jong, Zjon Smaal, Hilke Bierman and Sophia Wezer are also in the musical to see.

Antje Monteiro said after the premiere that she is ’a mega-good feeling’ about the performance. Especially after the break, had the singer has a lot to do. “But that went well,” she said about that. Everyone was focused and nervous. Especially Jolijn had a very difficult time. “She had to of course open,” said Antje about it. “But we have each other sternly, and said to each other ‘we can do this’.

Producer Albert Verlinde mentions Mamma Mia no ” meezingmusical’. To The Telegraph he said that there chosen is the well-known songs of ABBA singing in Dutch. That is done in order to progress in the story to keep, he explained.

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